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A surprising number of people are deficient in minerals due to crops grown in poor soils, genetically modified foods, and chemical additives. Mineral deficiency can cause poor digestive health, weight gain, low energy, low blood sugar, constipation, acidic blood, decreased immunity, and anxiety.

It is important to ensure you have enough minerals in your body. Trace minerals play an important role in hundreds of body functions, from immune system support to healthy bones and joints. The cell food drops provide a full spectrum of vitally important minerals that your body needs.

Other benefits of this powerful mixture:

-increased energy

-more alkaline body

-stabilized blood sugar

-stronger bones and teeth

-electrolyte balance

-blood sugar balance

-better sleep

-increased mental alertness

-reduced joint inflammation

-increased immune response

-aids digestion

-anti-aging properties

-helps chelate heavy metals

HPT Cell Food 3P Bundle

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